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Publié : 25 février 2014
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Voyage en Angleterre 2014

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Vous pouvez découvrir ci-dessous les contributions des 3 classes qui ont participé au voyage à Londres ! 

We left the vocational school Jules Lescene on the twenty-second of January at 7h oclock we took the shuttle ( we were so anxious ) : We have been so fond of Madame Tussaud’s : it was so great !There were so many artists ! For the shopping : we have enjoyed Oxford Street and Camden ( there were thousands of clothes !)
We have bought lots of souvenirs, Tee shirts,jeans , jumpers , jackets and jewels ! The English families were nice but the English food tastes so strangely !

The TCAP hairdressing !

We left at 7o’clock in the morning , we took the shuttle which is really fast ( 35 minutes under the Channel )
We were fond of the science museum and we were crazy about Madame Tussaud’s ( we took photos with so many stars !)
For the shopping we prefered Oxford Street , we also bought clothes and souvenirs ( especially in Primark , that’s so cheap !)
We think that london is the capital of fashion ( better than in Paris )
We loved the atmosphere of the bus ( everybody was singing )
The English Families were fantastic , however the bedrooms are smaller than in France .We would like to come back next year , maybe for
our workexperience .
 The first BTEC BTECNational Fashion


 We started our trip on the twenty-second of January at seven o’clock in front of the vocational school and we discovered the shuttle : it was so quick( only thirty-five minutes under water and we were in Englad !) ; as museums , we enjoyed the British Museum and the history and Sciences museum, but especially Madame Tussaud which was so great ! For the shopping, we were crazy about Camden, Oxford street Picadilly Circus ; the families welcomed us so warmly ; moreover the atmosphere in the bus was amazing and Francis, our coach driver was cool : we have been singing on the coach when we came back !
We hope to do our workexperience in London ? It’s such a nice city !