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Let me welcome you on the website of the vocational school Jules Lecesne . Our school is among the eldest high school of Le Havre. Many generations of high school students from Haute Normandie have been trained here in Jules Lecesne. During the school year 2009-2010, all the activities will be transferred to a brand new high school, located in the restructured area of le Havre , between les Docks and the main stations of le Havre . Along with adults from retraining courses, apprentices and high school students will take the same degrees such as CAP, BEP, mentions complémentaires, vocational and technological A Levels . I wish to invite you to discover the various sections presented on our website, as well as the school life through numerous projects which testify and reflect the intensity of the actions performed by the students studying either management and selling techniques, catering and hotel keeping , hairdressing, fashion or dry cleaning . In accordance with the working world, our students perform in front of the customers. That is why, as soon as they start their training, all students have to adapt their behaviour, speech, outfits to the customers frequenting the school. Besides training periods are compulsory to pass the selected degree. Some of them may be completed abroad for students in the fields of catering and hotel keeping. The teaching of foreign languages is thus especially important in our school. Before applying for a registration in le lycée des metiers, I should advise you to make a previous training period in your selected field. During open day events ( the day of which you will find on our website. ) you will have the opportunity to meet the staff and get some further information. You’ll also have the opportunity to make a mini training in our school( after having your principal’s agreement) At last, if you wish to test the quality of our services, why not become one of our regular customer in our training restaurant, hairdressing salon, fashion and dry cleaner’s workshop ? Thank you for your interest and we wish you a profitable visit of our website.


  • Voyage en Angleterre des 1ères BTN et Term BTN - Novembre 2014

    Le séjour à Brighton et Londres pour les élèves de 1 BTN et T BTN s’est très bien passé.
    Nous avons eu l’immense chance d’avoir des conditions météorologiques idéales en cette quasi fin novembre. Notre chauffeur Jean-Michel a été très apprécié par l’ensemble du groupe et il nous a conduit dans Brighton, Lancing, Londres et enfin Rye avec beaucoup d’aisance et de gentillesse. De la même façon, nous avons tous apprécié l’accueil dans les diverses familles de Lancing, moments privilégiés pour partager et vivre (...)

  • Voyage en Angleterre 2014 - Février 2014

    Vous pouvez découvrir ci-dessous les contributions des 3 classes qui ont participé au voyage à Londres !
    We left the vocational school Jules Lescene on the twenty-second of January at 7h oclock we took the shuttle ( we were so anxious ) : We have been so fond of Madame Tussaud’s : it was so great !There were so many artists ! For the shopping : we have enjoyed Oxford Street and Camden ( there were thousands of clothes !)
    We have bought lots of souvenirs, Tee shirts,jeans , jumpers , (...)